Baculum Releases
 Split w/ Ligature Impression c30 on Gutter Bloat
"The Burden of Existence" c10 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ POTR c20 on Phage Tapes
track on Coalition comp on New Forces Noise
Split w/ Streetmeat 2xc10 Phage Tapes
"There Was So Much Blood, You Could Taste the Iron" c30 on Amnesia Program
Split with River of Ichtyosis, xAllxForxThisx and Strangled Cop 2xc20 "X Means Your Not Welcome" on FTAM
track titled "Kegel Excercises : Clench and Repeat" on Soup of Freak comp on Rainbow Bridge
Split with Folter, Oblive and Foul c42 "Dreaded Lurgy Vol 1" on Burial Recordings 
track titled "Mental Deterioration in Three Phases" on comp 7" titled Engines of Modern Dysfuntion Vol 1 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Alisa-Yhtye/ Crpyn/ Obozdur c40 on Russian Label run by Alisa-Yhtye
Split w/ Pregnant Spore 2xc10 on Phage Tapes
track titled "Kegel Exercises: Flex and Release" on "Anhedonia" comp on Fusty Cunt
"Ink Fetish" c10 on Phage Tapes
"Heavy Machinery" 3" CDr on Corrosive Art Records
Split w/ Corpse Candle c20 on Spider Tapes
"On High In Blue Tomorrows" c20 on New Forces
track titled "Burn it Down" on "Up Against The Wall, Motherfuckers" comp on Monolithische Aktion
Split w/ Breaking the Will 2xc10 on Phage Tapes 
Split w/ Willful/White Torture "The Horror" 12xc10 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Namazu Dantai c40 on Phage Tapes
Split w/Willful "Metal" c20 on Phage Tapes
"Debris" c24 on Phage Tapes
"Family Album" c20 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Being/Paranoid Time/Wince 2xc40 Self Released
"When The Fallout Comes" 3"cdr on Dumpster Score
"Crumble" 3"cdr part of the degenerate series on Small Doses
Split w/ Sjalvhat c90 on HFFL
c60 on Maniac Tapes
Split w/ I Spit on Your Grave "Call for Help" c20 on Phage Tapes
"Plight of the Narcissist" 3xcassette on Phage Tapes
"General Disregard for Human Life" c30 on Dead Audio Tapes 
Split w/ Willful/Wince/Grain Belt 2xc15 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Wince 3"cdr on Small Doses
"Never Talk To Strangers" c15 Self Released
"Never Trust a Handyman" c15 Self Released
Split w/ Taskmaster/Paranoid Time/Human Teratogen 2xc30 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Thirteen Fingers/Grizzlor/Mike Payne "The End of Days" 4x5"cdr on Phage Tapes
"Crimes of Passion" 6xcassette on Phage Tapes
Recycled cassette on RRRecords
"Corpus Cavernosum/Involutary Sexual Experience" 3" cdr on Central Dynamo Room
"Waste No Flesh" net release on Smell the Stench
track titled "erratic  emotions" on 612noise comp on insides music
"Wood" 3" cdr on Phage Tapes

Death Jenk
"Death Jenk" CD on Phage Tapes

Grain Belt Releases
Split with Faux Pas 7" on Phage Tapes, Small Doses and White Centipede Noise
"Dragline" c20 on Skeleton Dust Recordings
Split with Wince c32 on White Centipede Noise
track titled "Drastic Measures" on Noise Propoganda Vol. 3 comp on Corrosive Art Records
Untitled double A sided c10 Self Released
track titles "Devil's Whip" on Heavy Focus III comp on Small Doses and Phage Tapes
"Grain Belt" CD on Phage Tapes, Small Doses and White Centipede Noise
Split w/ Willful/Wince/Baculum 2xc15 on Phage Tapes

...Massacre Releases
"Mountaintop Motel Massacre" c20 H Series HNW
Split w/ An Innocent Young Throat Cutter/ Naked Girl Killed In The Park/ Forced Orgasm "Giallo" 12" on Urashima
"After Party Massacre" c47 + biz card on Fusty Cunt
"Movie House Massacre" CDr on Bane Records
Split w/ An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter 10" lathe on Phage Tapes
"Woodchipper Massacre" c30 on H Series HNW
Split w/ Forced Orgasm/Earhate/I Spit on Your Grave "She Saw Her Killer and Felt His Knife" 2xc40 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Naked Girl Killed in the Park/Wasp Honeymoon "Blood Stained Baby Dolls" c30 on Dead Audio Tapes
Split w/ Indch Libertine c30 on Phage Tapes
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" c30 on Dead Audio Tapes
"Sorority House Massacre" c20 on Phage Tapes

White Plague Releases
Split w/ Death Laid An Egg/ I Am Slut/ The Sun Turns Black c30+c40 on New Forces
Split w/Alo Girl/Foul/Churner "Buio Omega" 2xc40 on Urashima
Split w/ Wallkeeper 2x5" cdr on Phage Tapes
Split w/Cannibal Ritual/Bleak Existence "HNW" 3xc62 on Phage Tapes
Split w/A View From Nihil/Ryan Bloomer/Four Flies/Griz+zlor/Infirmary/Vomir "Brick by Brick" 7x3"cdr on Small Doses
"Decimation of Humanity" c40 on Phage Tapes

Knife Attack Releases
Split w/ Nightmare Task Force c45 on Phage Tapes
"The Thrill Of The Kill" 2xc62 on Phage Tapes
"Kill For The Thrill" c45 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ One On Top The Other c30 on Dead Audio Tapes
"Killing Ghosts In The Night" c45 on Phage Tapes
"Watching You From Afar" 2xCDr on Phage Tapes
"Quarter Turn" c62 on Phage Tapes

POTR Releases 
Split w/ Baculum c20 on Phage Tapes
Split w/ Toby Dammit c50 on Phage Tapes
Untitled 2xc10 on Phage Tapes