12/19/16 at the Kitty Cat Club

 6/19/15 at the Secret Service as a part of the Minneapolis Noise Fest (Mpls MN) w/ Murderous Vision, Climax Denial, Plack Blague, Breaking The Will, Ligature Impression, Machismo, Plague Mother, Velvet Curtain, Blessed Sacrifist, Indian Burial Ground, Dolores Dewberry, The Vomit Arsonist, Apocryphos, Of Earth and Sun, Cock ESP, Xyphoid Dementia, Anal Hearse, Dreamweapon, Gnawed, Juhyo, Anthony Amelang

3/3/15 at the Kitty Cat Club (Mpls, MN) w/ Willful, Wince, Shadow On Glass and Surrounded

Grain Belt

10/20/14 at the Kitty Cat Club (Mpls MN) w/ Endif, Urban Cabeman, Lisa McGrath and Matt Saint-Germain

7/14/13 at the Rathole (Mpls, MN) w/ Gnawed, Transitional Species, Cokskar and Travis.

1/11/13 at the Medusa as a part of Gleb Fest (Mpls MN) w/ Pony Trash, Rollerblades, Dream Weapon, Fortified Five, Weak Wick, Prostate and Death Valley High

 11/30/12 at the Medusa (Mpls MN) w/ Visitor, Clump, Kr Grauwauke, Isolated Existence, Thin White Puke and Swine Wave.

9/23/11 at the Borg Ward as part of the Milwaukee Noise Fest (Milwaukee WI) w/ Plagues, Nummy, KBD, Spiral Joy Band, Owlscry, Vertonen, Captivity, Mildew, Newton, Jason Zeh, Whiskey Toothpaste, Male, Climax Denial, David Daniell, Three Arguments Against The Singularity, Jason Soliday, Dog Lady, Reptile Worship, Custodian, Coppice, Paranoid Time, Phoned Nil Trio, and Skin Graft

8/11/11 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Gnawed, Crusader No Remorse, Ice Volt and Peter J. Woods

6/30/11 at the Turf Club (Mpls MN) w/ Maledicere, Blood Folke and Thunderbolt Pagoda  

5/28/11 at Loring Theater as part of Heliotrope Fest (Mpls MN) w/ International Novelty Gamelan, Falcon Arrow, Nomia, Hastings 3000, The Fortified Five, Breanna Tandy and the Halcyon Muffin Parallelisms, Pentacene, Humanda, Dreamland Faces, Mother of Fire, Daughters of the Sun, Lighted, Tender Meat with Sho & Joe, Joe McPhee & Chris Corsano, Paul Metzger/ Adam Linz/ JT Bates, Take Acre, Myrrh, Milo Fine & Charles Gillett, Skoal Kodiak, HUNX, Mondo Drag, Thunderbolt Pagoda, White Mischief, Blood Folke, Scaphe and Jon Jacob 3
05/02/11 at The Triple Rock Social Club (Mpls MN) w/ Heatdeath, False and Juhyo

02/26/11 at 1419 (Mpls MN) w/ Ex Nihilo, Bouncer Fighter, Food Pyramid, Dojo Rodeo and Fische

12/09/10 at The Turf Club (Mpls MN) w/ Falcon Arrow and Company Incorporated

11/12/10 at The Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Endless Bummer, Neckhold, Disthroned Agony, Deterioration and Pigswill

8/24/10 at The Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Cowards,
Work/Death, Pharmakon, Disthroned Agony and Breaking The Will

8/19/10 at The Book House (Mpls MN) all acoustic set w/ Bryce Beverlin and Indian Burial Ground

6/15/10 at Viaduct Theater (Chicago IL) w/ PTM, Is, Fatale, The Vomit Arsonist, Custodian and Gnawed

6/14/10 at The Battery Cage (Dayton OH)  w/ Orgasmic Response Unit, Pusdrainer, Developer, Custodian and Gnawed

6/13/10 at The Corner Shop (Kalamazoo MI) w/ Paranoid Time, Infirmary, Custodian and Gnawed

6/12/10 at The Borg Ward (Milwaukee WI) w/ Owlscry, Cartilage Party, Infirmary, Custodian and Gnawed

4/24/10 at The Medusa as part of Heavy Focus III (Mpls MN) w/ Soaking Rasps, Disthroned Agony, Breaking The Will, Gnawed, Infirmary, Squidfist, Custodian, Koufar, Gay Beast, Being, Juhyo, Crash At Every Speed, Teeth Collection, Plasmic Formations, Endless Bummer, xALLxFORxTHISx, Setttings, TRTRKMMR, Wilt, Paranoid Time, Climax Denial, Locrian, Seth Ryan, Envenomist, Sightings, Werewolf Jerusalem, Cock ESP and BLOODYMINDED

11/28/09 at The Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Disthroned Agony, Blessed Sacrifist, Endless Bummer and Ice Volt

11/01/09 at Big V's (Mpls MN) w/ Juhyo, Gnawed, Ex-Cop and Squid Fist

10/08/09 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Lychgate, Ashes, Corporate Park, Gnawed, Disthroned Agony, Ice Volt, Endless Bummer, Violator X and Condominium

9/6/09 at the Social Life (Mpls MN) w/ Ex-cop, Disthroned Agony, Earn and Pedestrian Deposit

7/9/09 at the Terminal Bar (Mpls MN) w/ Is, Infirmary, Pterri is Dead, Gnawed and Violator X+Disthroned Agony

2/21/09 at the Rat Hole (Mpls MN) w/ Bachir Gemayel, Endless Bummer, Disthroned Agony, and Maledicere  

Death Jenk 
 8/25/12 at The Borg Ward as a part of the Milwaukee Noise Fest (Milwaukee WI) w/ Mike Shiflet, Jon Mueller, Captivity, Developer, Citizen 2-13, Jim Schoenecker, Orgasmic Response Unit, Skin Tape, Three Arguments Against the Singularity, The Smudge, PCRV, Reptile Worship, Lucky Bone, Deterge, Burns/Raney/Schoofs, Thomas Wincek, M. Jurek, Office Park, Nowroy, Whiskey Toothpaste, Dead Edits, Climax Denial, An Extremely Loud Silence, Vickers, Dan of Earth, Blessed Sacrifist, Breeched Hull, Nummy and Mildew.

4/30/11 at The Medusa as part of Heavy Focus IV (Mpls MN) w/ Vertonen, Queening, Ison Sucks, Prostate, Blessed Sacrifist, Arvo, Father You See Queen, Mr. Gauwacke, Crusader No Remorse, Freeboyz and Soaking Rasps 

6/16/10 at The Borg Ward (Milwaukee WI)  w/ xAllxFORxTHISx, The Vomit Arsonist, Naysayer and Bored Straight

12/10/11 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Nyodene D, Gnawed, Blood and Sun and Agitate

 2/20/17 at the Kitty Kat Club (Mpls MN) w/ Shadow on Glass, Boy Dirt Car, Driven Down and Blood Pressure

 8/20/16 at The New Direction as part of Fargo Noise Fest (Fargo ND) w/ Gnawed, A Grey Mass, Monowolf, Hochste, Wirehouse, CBN, Suspicion, Telavag, Viator, Cock ESP, Straight Panic, Contact Low, Subordinate Method, Edwin Manchester, Violent;No Regard, Geyser Brain, Pretty Girl Problems and Hope Chest

 6/23/16 at the Eagles Club as part of the International Noise Conference (Mpls MN) w/Pinky Blinders, Noise Queen Ant, Body Carve, MAKR, Leo Brochu, amputape, Sir Isaf Gul, Salt Spray, Straight Panic, Marisol, Dead Actress, E Wang's Smoldering Wreath, Velvet Curtain, Gnawed, Sleepy, Wrong, EMS and Laundry Room Squelchers

6/3/16 at the Eagles Club as part of Minneapolis Noise Fest II (Mpls MN) w/ Deterge, Being, Six Brew Bantha, Fleething Breath, Body Carve, Clavicula Salomonis, Trigger Alert, Islay, Grin, Satanic Abortion, Spicoli, Atrox Pestis, Magia Nuda, Reptile Worship, CBN, Grab Ass, Ice Volt, Transitional Species, Black Lotus and Zombie Bite

5/06/16 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Monowolf, Edwin Manchester, Straight Panic and Wirehouse

9/21/15 at Kitty Cat Club (Mpls MN) collab set with Gnawed w/ Leo Brochu, The Blight, Anthony Amelang and Permanent Waves

5/22/15 at Dogplex (Mpls MN) w/ Monowolf, Still, Cock ESP and Non

1/4/15 at the Kitty Cat Club (Mpls MN) w/ GASP, Ligature Impressions, Zombie Bite and Velvet Curtain. 

12/5/14 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Gnawed, Dreamweapon, Breathing Signal and Ligature Impression

10/4/14 at Shegypt (Mpls MN) w Plague Mother, Blessed Sacrifist, Juhyo, Ligature Impressions and The Bermuda Band

 7/7/14 at the Kitty Kat Club (Mpls MN) w/ Breathing Signal, Mole Hole, Analscubahive and Leisure Dynamics

8/10/12 at the Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Oblong Box, Lucky Bone, Kevin Greenspon, Peter J Woods and Ice Volt

3/31/12 at The Medusa (Mpls MN) w/ Cock ESP, The Skin Horse, Camden, The Thin White Puke, Mass Projection, Cyrus Pryeh, Cory Schumacher, Anthony Amelang, Swine Wave, Zombie Bite and Weed

2/20/10 at The Rathole (Mpls MN) w/ Disgust, Wince, Willful, Gnawed, Disthroned Agony, and Scaphe

10/17/09 at The Lemp as part of the St. Louis Noise Fest (St. Louis MO) w/ Swim Ignorant Fire, Justice Is Revenge, Plasmic Formations, Solar Shadows, The Man And The Scientist, Lucky Bone, To-Night Golden Curls, Public Shallows, Charlie, Ghost Ice, Realicide, Teeth Collection, Custodian, Peter J Woods, Instinct Control, Green Pasture Happiness, Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin, BOAR, Sigulda, Willful, Bokeh, Yawn, Danny McClain/Dave Stone, Diaphragmatic, Brain Transplant, Jigsaw Rhetoric, Day Care, Wilmer Incognito, Agrairian Pillbox, Color Blind, Dawson Family Players, Grandmother, Infirmary, Clusterfuck, Off Right, Malaria, Tom Vasilj, Tony Renner, Oblive, Greg Sabo, John Tamm-Buckle, Dark Inside the Sun and Hefner

9/26/09 at The Borg Ward as part of the Milwaukee Noise Fest (Milwaukee WI) w/ Custodian, Wince, Reptile Worship, Spicoli, Violator X, Mildew, Bokeh, Peter J. Woods, Climax Denial, Jim Schoenecker, Sigulda, xALLxFORxTHISx, Ice Volt, Kruse, Needle Hammer, Porcelain Dorsal Fin, Owlscry, Disthroned Agony, Gnawed, Blessed Sacrifist, Captivity, Nummy, Pus-Drainer, Anvil Dome, Cannibinol Synapse, Pataphor, Toad Throat, Lucky Bone and Scrap Matter

8/13/09 at Art Damage Lodge (Cincinnati OH) w/ Iovae, Teeth Collection+Plasmic Formation, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/12/09 at Cafe Bourbon Street (Columbus OH) w/ Lightning Path, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/11/09 at The Good Son (Baltimore MD) w/ Kakerlak, Dental Duty, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/10/09 at Red Light District (NYC NY) w/ John Mannion, Diaphragm, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/9/09 at Pagent Soloveev (Philadelphia PA) w/ Newton, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/8/09 at Remedy (Pittsburgh PA) collab set with Wince w/ RJMyato, Kruse, Bill Doob, Wizzard Mountain, TrogPite and Being+Paranoid Time

8/7/09 at Bela Dubby (Lakewood OH) w/ Skin Graft, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/6/09 at DAAC (Grand Rapids MI) w/ Victory, Being, Wince and Paranoid Time

8/5/09 at Elastic Arts (Chicago IL) w/ Is, Being, Wince, Paranoid Time+Infirmary

01/09/09 at the Medusa (Mpls MN) w/ Disthroned Agony, Cities of the Plain, Chlamydiot, Timmy the Tapeworm, Violator X and Dianoga

10/16/08 at the Medusa (Mpls MN) w/ Taskmaster, Rusalka, Paranoid Time, Infirmary, Coastal, Brutophilia, Wince and Juhyo

7/30/08 at Art of This (Mpls MN) w/ Wince, Peter Woods, Disthroned Agony, Monsters of Pot and Ice Volt